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Create awesome looking pixel art games with this high quality characters pack, for medieval-fantasy games! Each character was carefully designed and animated by experienced pixel artists. The pack contains over 30 high-quality animated characters as well as over 10 animated enemies and various other bonuses and eye-candy! It's the ideal pack for making professional-looking RPGs, platformers and action games!

See the animations in action here!

Note : The environment shown in the screenshots is taken from our other pack, Pixel Art Parallax Woods Pack. Check it out of you are looking for a gorgeous pixel-art forest sporting parallax layers!

These characters all share a common theme of medieval-fantasy, making them coherent and fit together in a game. All characters have the following animations :

  • 3 unarmed attacks
  • 3 attacks using weapons
  • Idle loop unarmed
  • Idle loop with the weapon
  • Run loop (unarmed but can fit both unarmed and armed stances)
  • Jumping frame
  • Staggered frame
  • Dash frame unarmed
  • Dash frame with the weapon
  • Idle loop holding an item in front of the character
  • Frame raising an item above the head

In addition to these, some of these characters have extra elaborate FX for attacks, which have been exported separately from the attacks themselves (allowing you to either use them for other things, or simply spawn them separately to add special post-processing on them or have remanence).

The enemies also share the common theme, and have the following animations :

  • Run loop
  • Attack
  • Staggered frame

Most of them also have special animations depending on the enemy. For example, the mage has an animation where he appears in a puff of smoke, or the bomber has an animation where he blows up with the big bomb he is rolling.

This pack includes :

  • 17 animated characters, each with a male and female variant making for 34 overall characters, some with extra special FX for their attacks
  • 8 animated enemies + 3 variants for three of them
  • 4 beautifully drawn mystical banners that characters can brandish + a dust FX when it gets planted into the ground
  • An animated golden chest that opens and wiggles when you tap on it
  • Various utility FX (dash, slide, slash, etc)
  • Spritesheets for every single character and its animations
  • Over 1800 sprites overall!

Every animation comes in separate frames, so you can create spritesheets as you wish. You can contact us if you want already-made spritesheets.

Let us know what you think of this pack, and feel free to contact us for support!

If you like what you're seeing, don't forget to rate us at the top of the page!

To go with this background, take a look at our brand new Pixel Art Medieval UI Pack!

Font in the pictures is Lady Radical, by Checkered Ink

BRAND NEW 2019 UPDATE! OVER $1000 OF RUN LOOPS ADDED TO THE ASSETS FOR FREE! That's over $4000 worth of assets you can get with this pack!

If you like what you're seeing, don't forget to rate us at the top of the page!


Buy Now$24.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $24.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Pixelart_Medieval_Fantasy_Characters_Pack_1-3.zip 10 MB

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Hey just a quick question. If the assets cost a whopping 25$ why is the license you get non-commercial? Also, still no jumping frames? Yeesh.


I love the running animations of the characters, but I can't seem to find the jumping frame. Do all characters have a jumping frame? Or only a few of them? Thanks and nice work!


I would like to use these assets in a commercial project but can't contact you regarding the commercial license. My e-mail attempt to contact@cleancutgames.com is getting denied by the server.

Help me acquiring the necessary license please. Thank you!

Only complaint is theres a bundle missing with characters, background and UI! :) Of course Im just joking around, this is beautiful and well worth more than Im paying. Will pay as much as Im able to use this work. Thanks!


Hey I've sent you  guys an email about using your assets in a commercial project and I haven't gotten a reply.

I want to use it and I'd like to know the requirements. Thanks. I'll send another email asking about it.

I was wondering, can I use this assets on my youtube videos? some character there and other over here  xD 

No die animation?

I was planning on using these in a game but what is the intended frame rate?

Each attack has 3 frames, the special FXs for the epic characters last 6 frames (they are intended to linger after the attack) and the running animations have 4 frames. Hopefully that'll help you decide whether these animations would fit your framerate or not!

We had success using them in a 60FPS prototype and it looked smooth. :)

thanks but I was wondering how many times the image changed per second, I have the asset pack and am trying to set them up in my engine. When I set them to play a 15 frames per second the idle animations look terrible and attacks happen so fast it is just a blur.

Hey guys! I've been making a platforming 'speedrunner' using some of your assets - thought you might like to check it out!  https://youtu.be/VGx6rcGFOpc

That’s super dope! Congratulations, it looks awesome, please keep us updated! ;D

How to contact you, I didn't see any email or contact information

You should be able to contact us through itch.io directly (though I'm not sure where haha). Otherwise don't hesitate to email us at contact@cleancutgames.com !


Wouldn't a CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-SA license be more appropriate for something like this?

I'm confused as to why anyone would buy it if you can't use it for something like a free game (which would be a derivative). Are you allowed to use it in anything, or does using these assets, for even a free web game, require purchasing additional licenses directly from you?

What is the intended use for this $24.99 product with such a restrictive license? There seem's to be a lot of confusion in the comments, so some clarification on this asset packs purpose would be good.




Hey, thanks for bringing this up! This was a mistake on our end! We intended to use the CC NC one, not the CC NC ND. Really sorry for the confusion, we updated the license on all 3 assets packs.

To clear things up, any non-commercial use is absolutely fine (hobby games, non commercial projects, etc). For commercial projects, you need to reach us at contact@cleancutgames.com to get a commercial license :)

Thanks again!

Awesome! Great to hear and huge kudos to you for correcting the license and clearing this up. You're assets will fit perfectly into my hobbyist free web game - can't wait to use them, they look great!

Thanks for your help!


Thanks to you! Please feel free to share your project with us once you're done (or even in development), we love seeing that!


Your license is "Creative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_NoDerivatives v4.0 International"
I.e. it forbids to make any derivative works with these assets or use them commercially. Basically it allows nothing.

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Hey, you are absolutely right this was a mistake on our end! We intended to use the CC NC one, not the CC NC ND. Really sorry for the confusion, we updated the license on all 3 assets packs.

To clear things up, any non-commercial use is absolutely fine (hobby games, non commercial projects, etc).

Thanks again!


So for a commercial projects one is required sign some profit-share contract (i.e. to be on US soil and have a lawyer)? If that is so, then it sounds like too much for a small indie projects. Since you don't have a separate license at itch.io, there is no service to guarantee the license purchase, and people will need to have their own lawyers. Also, IIRC specifying alternative selling venue breaks itch.io ToS, due to numerous reasons.


Not a profit share contract, like most assets with 2 licenses (one non-commercial and one commercial) the commercial one is simply more expensive and we don't have it listed on itch.io. After re-verifying in the itch.io ToS this does not seem to break it, we are not specially pushing for the commercial license (as you can see from the product's page). I'll remove that part from my last message if you feel it's wrong.


How would one verify the asset purchase agreement without a site like itch.io? I.e. somebody wires you money, outside of itch, and makes a game with these assets. Now there were cases of some authors (notably the self pronounced trololo meme author) blackmailing Steam gamedev and frightening with DMCA to extort money. That works against small devs. But if you have purchased the assets at itch, it is as easy as contacting itch.io support to deflect the bogus DMCA claim, while with outside transactions it is much harder, without a proper signed contract (even in that case one composer got mad and DMCA'd the project, despite they not using the composer's music in the release). In this light you suggesting people to contact you by email looks strange. That is why we have asset stores in the first place.


I totally understand where you're coming from and developers are absolutely free to simply not get the assets if they're uneasy with the commercial license or disagree with how it's done. Emails exchanged (and we make sure to properly confirm the purchase in written form as well as supply a key for traceability) constitute legal proof if I'm not mistaken, so it'd be as good as a contract made by a lawyer in such a straightforward case.

In any case thanks for sharing your concerns with us!

hello my friend. i got this assets pack as part of a charity bundle done a few days ago at humble bundle. and could not help but wonder why is there a unarmed run animation but not an armed run animation? same with jump, its the armed version but nothe un armed... is there a pack that youll add this l8? great work on the details btw.

Hey guys, is there a way to run this? I downloaded and unzipped everything, but I don't see an application to run. I'm hoping to use this for DnD character design for my home games! Thanks!

Hey there, this is a development assets pack so there's no way to run it (like you would a software or game for example)! However you have access to all the assets and frames, so you can grab whichever you want, and if you want to create animated gifs it's fairly easy through online tools to which you could upload the frames :)

Im just here to tell you this assets are amazing. Im making a commercial game and this really helped a lot with my disastrous art. Thanks You, for bringin such quality to all of us.

Thank you so much and please, feel free to share your game with us! We'd really want to see it :)


Are you sure you can make commercial games with it? The license author has picked allows only non-commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial_NoDerivatives v4.0 International
I.e. you can only place it in your house in a frame in a non-modified form.

(1 edit)

You are right i will have to use some other assets that complement with my backgrounds, too bad, they are really good assets. Would make a really good game.

Absolutely worth it, this pack contains every character you'll ever need to a pixel art game, this made my life easy!

Thanks a lot for your kind words!


thank you so much for including this in the bundle for racial justice and equality!


You're welcome! Thank YOU for contributing to the bundle and doing what's right! Please feel free to share what you create with the characters with us <3

it's not much, but i've been using them to learn how to make games in different engines such as GDevelop! https://rainmirage.itch.io/knightly I hope that every game made using your art will encourage more people to support the bundle, and support you!

Loving your use of the assets! Really well done!


Good lord... this is.. PURE GOLD FOR THIS PRICE!


YOU'RE pure gold! Thank you so much for the compliments :D

Would there be jump animations in the future? For now I settled with editing running sprites a bit.


They are not planned for now, but you're not the first one to ask! So if we see enough demand for those we could definitely consider it, there are the graveBurst frames that can, for a lot of the characters, be used as jumping frames. But we totally agree the pack's definitely missing jumping animations!


I was wondering how much is the assets that we can use commercially . Saw it was 14 $ but No Derivatives  v4.0.

You can reach us at contact@cleancutgames.com to get an estimation for a commercial license for the assets ! :)


is this pack compatible with Unity?


These are png images that you can use wherever you want, in particular in Unity :) 

Hi how can i contact you? I bought the package some time ago, but I ended up formatting my computer and losing it. If I pass my paypal can you check the payment and send me the package again? Because I bought without an account registered on the site.

Hey Rory, no problem! Please reach us at contact@cleancutgames.com and we'll sort that out together :)

After purchase

Can I extend this resource bundle?

Hey there, what do you mean exactly by this ? :)

great work, i'd definately buy it if there were walking animations.

Hey ced30, we just pushed a free update adding 34 high quality run animations for the characters, that might interest you as the pack is currently on sale!


@CleanCutGames You might want to remove or update the line "Run loop coming soon!" to reflect the addition.

Thanks for notifying us, there was a small problem when updating the product page, we've fixed it! Thanks @raziel444

thank you for the heads-up, just bought it :)

I just realized that this pack  doesn't have "walk" animation...

(1 edit)

Hey there, no unfortunately it doesn't! It was specified in the product's page, we wish we could add some but unfortunately we're strapped for time these days :(

Hey bbulle, we just wanted to let you know the pack now include 34 high quality run loops for the characters in the free update we pushed today!


Hello! I bought your all bundle pack and it really good. but if I can ask for, could you add basic walking motion for characters?

Hello, thank you for your compliment! Unfortunately that's not possible for us, these animations were initially produced for a game that did not require walking, only dashing (hence the dash frame) for movement, so there is no walking/running animation and we cannot currently task our artists to work on that. Maybe in the future, you are the second person asking for it so we will consider it! But right now thats not something we can do unfortunately :(

Hey there zelatool! Since you were interested in us adding a walking motion for characters, we just wanted to let you know we pushed a free updated adding 34 high quality run loops to the pack, adding walking motions to all hero characters!


A nice asset pack for characters! Bought and wont be asking for a refund, even though I can't use it as-is.
Just a heads up for others, there are a few things with the pack that you will need to do yourself, depending on what you would like to use it for (just remember it cant be used commercially). I don't know if doing this violates the "non-derivative"rule here, apologies if so.
The sprite sheet(s) are combined with non-uniform sizes and origin points, so you will have to either have an atlas manager that can accept several region grids at once, or (as is more common), import animations per-frame/split the sheets into smaller ones per-animation. Secondly, the character's origin isn't always in the middle of the frame, so make sure when you switch between animations that you move the sprite several pixels in the right direction so your character doesn't jiggle. Thirdly, many of the animations have no reset action. After the "climax" of the action, such as swinging a sword, there are no frames for bringing it back. Either allow a pixel jump, or just use one of the middle frames again really quickly as a filler. The actions are in a jumpy style, with three frames for most (obviously ment for slow frame timers), and the FX shots are really cool!
A pretty good pack, happy with the purchase. Cheers!


Hey Derez, thank you very much!

All your points are absolutely true an ddon't worry, it does not violate the "non-derivative" rule! The spritesheets are like you said, honestly we would advise anyone to generate your own spritesheets. We did default ones because some people asked but spritesheets should be made and customized for your own use. Spritesheets are super important for performances, and if you do it yourself you can :

  • Optimize them by not just packing every frame of a same character in the same sprite but by packing assets according to the draw calls order in the game (that's what we do for our game and it provides a substantial boost to performances)
  • Generate in a format that is friendly to our engine. For example we use LibGDX as our graphics framework, so we use a special spritesheet creator which produces atlases and JSON data files that work well with it. But if you're using Unity, it wouldn't work at all.

What you said about the origin is quite weird, I think it might come from the spritesheet! All the animations have been designed with the origin point in the middle of the frame so that you can play them without having to move the Actor around. All the frames of the same animation are of the same size and work when you just display them one after another. Or maybe you meant something else?

100% true about the reset action for the animations, there's no bringing it back. It goes together with your last point (few frames), the animations were designed for a fast paced game which required quick and efficient animations (so a woosh + a theatral pose). They are less suited to slower paced games or games with more detailed animations (even though they can make an efficient placeholder in the meanwhile, or you can hack around like you said and reuse another frame as a middle pose).

Thanks again for all these clarifications, and glad you like them! Cheers :)


I love this art! it should be at least 10 times more expensive. best of best

Hello, i bought this asset yesterday and took a look at it. Due to all sprites being glued together, i have no use of this. 

All in all this is an amazing asset for the price, but i dont have any use of it. For anyone that want to use the characters and not only the clothes, i recommend buying this pack.

I would like to have a refund, many thanks.

Thank you for your feedback Zixty! Indeed, the clothes and characters are included in the animations so reusing only the clothes and putting your own characters heads on the animations will require some work erasing these parts from the original animations. It's definitely doable given the low resolution of the assets, but it might not be something you would want to do.

We will contact the itch.io support to ask them to refund you :)

Thank you.

Have you contated itch.io yet? 

Hey there, we have sent them a mail when we answered you two days ago. It's the weekend so their processing might very well be slower than usual. You can also try asking yourself at support@itch.io but our mail should be enough! :)


Is it possible to use this asset in a commercial game?

Hello Olca,

Thanks for your interest! The itch.io version is non-commercial and non-derivative but you can reach us at contact@cleancutgames.com if you want to buy a commercially-usable version of the packs! It's more expensive but you will be able to use it in any number of commercial games you want. Feel free to contact us!


Great work! I like so much!

More enemies or scenaries will be fantastic in futures packs!


Glad you like it, thank you very much!

We will keep that in mind for future packs, thanks for your insight :)

Don't forget to leave a review, the button is in the upper right of the page :D


i must have your bundle asset, nice work man.

Thank you! Don't hesitate getting it :P

Could the clothing of the character be used as armor? 

I already have a main character and would like to use every piece of clothing as armor & wings etc. Would that work or is the sprites "glued" together?

Each frame comes as one single layer! So the armor is not separated from the body (like you said, it's "glued" together).

However, since these are quite low resolution assets, it would be easy for you to just cut the armor pieces manually, and reuse them for your character! Most characters have similar proportions, so you can even use like, the executioner armor with the knight's gloves for example. Does that make sense ?

Awesome! If i buy it and not happy with it, is a refund possible?

Of course, you can ask support@itch.io for a refund if you are unhappy with the purchase! You can also contact us directly at contact@cleancutgames.com if you have any question, and we can also ask a refund - for you - ourselves. :)



Just bought this asset. It's full of wonderful sprites and effects, but I can't found the run loop for the characters. The enemies do have the run loop animations, but no the characters... Did you forget to include these animations in the last update?

Thanks for your great work!

Hey Digipure, thanks for your purchase!

Unfortunately the characters do not have a run loop, as shown in the animations list on the pack's page. They were designed for a static use, any movement being handled by the small dash loop (which means they must be fast movements). We will add an additional note on the page as this might not be obvious enough, especially as the enemies do have a run loop like you said!

If that is a dealbreaker for you - which is perfectly understandable -, you can ask for a refund at support@itch.io (or we can ask for a refund for you, that's up to you!).

In any case, thanks for letting us know this was confusing, we will clear that up!

(2 edits)

Even with no run cycle there’s still enough content in the pack at this price for me, so I will keep it; thanks!

You should read again your description, because you are listing a run cycle in the list of included stuff and then saying it’s not included in the next paragraph.

And, of course, if you are considering further updates to this asset, think first in the walk cycle ^_^!

PS: Also a flying idle animation for the winged characters will be a nice addition!


Thank you, we hadn't noticed that "run loop" was in the bullet list! That's fixed and we added a special warning at the bottom of the list just in case!

About the flying idle animation, don't forget their version with weapons does have an idle_weapon animation which shows them flying! :)

Hey there Digipure! We just wanted to let you know we just updated the assets pack to add 34 high quality run loops to the hero characters! :)

(1 edit)

Hi I bought this and these are really nice.  

and I want to get already-made spritesheets.

how can I get this?? I couldnt find e-mail address so I post here .

Hello Yukitama, thanks for your purchase !

You can find our email address under "More information" on the pack's page, it's the link called "Support". Send us an email at contact@cleancutgames.com and we will send you the spritesheets ! I think we are going to directly include them in the pack as well, and update the pack :)